Ways to Get Cydia Applications

It generally does not suggest they’re useless simply because several issues come free of charge; this guideline is greatest exemplified by free Cydia applications. Actually, other these cost-free applications, along with WinterBoard, have experienced an essential part to perform within Cydia alternative software’s recognition. Reading…



Cydia has transformed into the speak of the city, with much more and increased Apple loyalists moving foundation for this alternative application. Installing the Agreatest Cydia applications’ on any Apple product using the iOS as its standard operating-system assists increase this product’s effectiveness, by including anything additional to it and eliminating its disadvantages. The Apple items in image listed here are the iPad, ipod itouch and also the iPhone; which each features to be the very best within their own leagues. Each one of these apps could be extensively classified into apps and compensated apps, using the latter getting a part that was major to perform within this alternative software’s leaping recognition.

Best Cydia Applications

In case there is applications that are compensated, you’ve to pay for a amount of cash whilst service-fee or the installing charge for that application. In case there is free applications nevertheless, you utilize them without spending anything towards the builders and can download these applications in the sources. There likewise occur several Cydia programs having a free trial offer amount of period that is particular. You should use these applications cost free regarding that interval that is agreed, and you are able to possibly restore the membership instead of a quantity as charge or uninstall these when this test period has ended. You need to feel any app’s fundamental info, before installing while providing unique importance to its cost.

Ways to Get Apps using Cydia?

To be able to get Cydia applications, you need to do this, you have to jailbreak it initially; and also to deploy Cydia alternative application in your Apple device. Since jailbreaking is ethical, you are able to proceed with-it and never have to be worried about any lawful ramifications of exactly the same. The one thing to consider may be the proven fact that the maker’s guarantee can be voided by jailbreaking. If you should be confident with that, you are able to go right ahead and download the Cydia alternative application and obtain use of a broad selection of styles and free applications on it.

To be able to include Cydia sources for your device, you’ll need certainly to start ‘Cydia’, visit the ‘Handle’ area and faucet on ‘Resources’. You’ll be aimed to some fresh webpage that’ll possess a listing of all of the sources that you simply and your device get formerly added together. To some fresh page you’ll be aimed on a single webpage, you’ll additionally observe an ‘Modify’ tabs; on leveraging with this tab whereby you’ll stumbled upon a container stating ‘Include Resources’ in your display. You simply need certainly to load the OriginOR Repository’s title that faucet and you want to download on AInclude Supply’ tabs below it – that source that is one is likely to be put into your checklist.

Start ‘Cydia’ Visit the ‘Handle’ area Visit ‘Resources’ click ‘Modify’ tabs Visit ‘Include Resources’ area Include the title of click and the source on ‘Include Supply’

The tens and thousands of applications obtainable in these sources is likely to be just a couple faucets from anyone when you’ve these sources saved in your Apple device. To be able to download Cydia applications, you’ll need certainly to browse through the ‘Menus’, visit ‘Areas’ and faucet on ‘Most Deals’ tabs. This can provide you with use of the listing of Cydia items that are for download in various sources available. You faucet about the title of the application that you wish to download, and can simply undergo Cydia applications checklist. A will be asked for by this program, and it’ll start installing the application on your Apple device when anyone provide a jerk.

Regardless of whether they’re compensated or free, Cydia applications are saved in Cydia databases (frequently known as Cydia sources), from wherever they may be saved. To be able to download these applications, you have to include these sources for your /ipod itouch/iPad that is iPhone. Though some Cydia sources come pre-mounted using the application, others need to be saved personally.

Go on ‘Areas’ Faucet on ‘Most Deals’ Visit the listing of Applications Faucet about the Application you wish to download Application will begin installing after your verification to the ‘Menus’ Click

You need to preferably cross-check and find out if the stated application is suitable for your item or not despite the fact that this method is typical to any or all Apple products that have the iOS as their standard operating-system. Even the ipod itouch or the applications suitable to Apple iPhone are recognized to not fail undue to the distinction within their screen-size.


The application from Cydia can help you see various kinds of documents and understand during your iPhone file-system. This application additionally can help you save or download files and numerous documents.


Still another of these should have applications, the software can help you move various kinds of documents from your own PC for your Apple ipod itouch.


You-can’t manage to lose out on app which provides anyone use of facebook movies on the go when you’re speaing frankly about Cydia applications.


Among the Cydia that is greatest applications for that Apple products, the WinterBoard application can help you personalize seems and the look of numerous Apple iOS products.


A multi-purpose application the SBSettings application, for that iPhone customers can help you toggle off and on connection choices, restart the device, free the storage, etc.


Among the monitoring that is ideal applications accessible using Cydia, the iLocalis application helps your iPhone is traced by you effortlessly. If you should be vulnerable to the routine of losing issues, an absolute must have application.


Installous, which can help you deploy the different app’s test variations offered at the Appstore, is without a doubt among the should have apps offered at Cydia applicationsA store.


Whilst Siri hasbeen the speak of the city using iPhone customers over the country, the application from Cydia helps additional programs available and execute particular duties by speech instructions.


It might be fairly aged application, but the Groups app of Cydia nevertheless operates miracles for you personally by letting you organize all of the app symbols in an easy method to be able to help quick access.

Mover Application

It’s better to resort to these applications, when you’re about investing your difficult suspicious -gained cash on styles and buying apps. Lots of people are of the viewpoint that compensated Cydia apps possess an advantage within the applications that are free. Whilst there’s number asking the truth that several compensated applications are certainly exceptional, it generally does not impact the trustworthiness of the SBSettings that are readily available for free and also applications such as the WinterBoard application.

Shifting one at the same time, applications, in one spot to another could be a tiresome job, particularly when you’re designed to transfer apps that are numerous to some area that is new. The Mover application exchanges these in one single and can help you select-all the applications you wish to transfer proceed.

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What about the Cydia appstore?

Cydia programs assist you to utilize it to its ideal capability and update your telephone. The next post may end up being a highly smart study if you should be trying to find several info associated with these applications.

Are searching for several info associated with awesome Cydia programs. After jail-breaking my iPhone, I came across an entire “new world” of Cydia programs. These Cydia applications coated a variety of utilization option which makes my telephone is upgraded by us frequently. You will find fresh Cydia programs additional daily which causes it to be very hard to obtain the programs that are best.


Best Cydia Applications for iPhone

You will find countless Cydia applications and also the subsequent recruited programs regarding iPhone are certainly incredible.


Not experience tired of the look for applications inside your iPhone menus to alter their configurations? Nicely, SBSettings may be the solution to get a jailbroken telephone. Personalize every environment like Wifi, Wireless, Alignment Secure along with other set-ups that are comparable just by swiping your notice club lower. There’s no need in to the menus to regulate your configurations to plunge.


Personalize all of the symbols in your house display using Iconoclasm. You are able to established 5×3 or 5×5 group of symbols using the assist of the application.


animations may be the present impact fashionable nowadays. You provide your house display an animations appear, that also, without donning eyeglasses and can download Barrel in your iPhone. Simply visit configurations and pick one’s animations effect’s level.


Doesn’t it trouble you have to uncover your telephone to perform a movie? If indeed, next do deploy iPod or this iPhone. Movie play is allowed by VideoLock at secure style. Helpful application for individuals who don’t wish to reveal something significantly more than simply their movies.


This Press Middle application that is unique perform with all of the movie documents in your iOS device. You are able to allow scrapers and obtain most info associated with it display, music-video or film on iPad or your iPhone. Personalize the appearance using skin and add ons supplied by the application.

FIVE-strip Qwerty Keyboard

Have you been a devoted texter? Is a ton typed by you on iPad or your iPhone? If indeed, next deploy FIVE- row keyboard. This Cydia application provides a strip that is separate for that figures about the keyboard, ergo, helping you save lots of period.

Best Cydia Applications for Ipod Itouch

You’ll adore adding the next greatest applications that are Cydia for ipod itouchOR iPhone.


Who states you will need a phone to be made by a telephone. All that’s necessary is definitely Skype and an iPod! it may suffice your requirements to some degree, although you can’t contact it-one of the greatest alternatives to get a telephone. Link your iPod to Wifi network -to- Skype Skype or calls to real telephone numbers.


This Cydia application allows you to consider High-Dynamic Variety (HRD) pictures along with you Ipod Itouch 4G. All that’s necessary to complete is start and choose the ‘HRDEnabler’.


You’ll want observed whenever you double tap the house switch, anyone initially begin to see the initial software within the pier. Next, achieve the iPod manage and you have to browse remaining. Whenever DirectControl is installed by you, you are able to straight achieve Today- Enjoying regulates and there’s you should not browse. The thing that is best is, you are able to arranged it to act when you’re enjoying songs in your ipod itouch or simply in this way all the time.

iBluever Demonstration

This software can help you link iPhone your ipod itouch as well as iPod to some Wireless dial up marketing enabled telephone. You are able to function Web in your Ipod Itouch when the link is created. This application facilitates 2G/3G/ touch 4G. The demonstration edition tries initially to determine it’s suitable for your telephone. If yes you can certainly consider buying this application that is helpful.

Best Cydia Applications regarding iPad

Customers that are iPad also possess a wide selection of preference as it pertains to Cydia applications. For instance:

3G Unrestrictor

This can be an excellent application that methods anyone iPad to consider it’s operating on Wifi Web, when you’re really utilizing ADVANTAGE community or a 3G. Ergo, you may make and obtain calls on face-time, download movies quicker, create free calls utilizing Skype and do a lot more enjoyable issues in your iPad when utilizing your regular ADVANTAGE or 3G community.


Just for MONEYTWO, you are able to safeguard your own applications using Locktopus on iOS. Not just will it permit you to put in a code for apps and your Indigenous apps from Apple shop, but additionally Cydia applications. This can assist from start utilised without your authorization safeguard your applications.


Your documents are managed by searching for a that assists? IFile is just a Cydia application which allows one remove and to produce files, relabel these, available documents straight and a whole lot more helpful steps.


These are a few of the greatest applications you will adore including in your prison damaged Apple iPhone. You will find countless programs these and accessible .

You’ll want observed as if you remove your Appstore applications you CAn’t remove your Cydia apps. Uninstall the application in the menus after which you have to start Cydia. Nevertheless, CyDelete will help Cydia applications are deleted by you from your own software display. Until it begins to wriggle simply faucet about the application. Next, click the small BY to remove the Cydia application.

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How to Download Hike for PC (Windows 7/8)

Hike Messenger has become one of the best messaging apps which allow users to keep in touch with their friends and family by unlimited live communication.

As you can see, there are lots of popular apps available in the market such as Whatsapp, WeChat or Viber, but, for those of you who want to use an alternative to these apps, and then Hike should definitely be your choice. In fact, to download Hike for PC is a cross-platform messenger apps, similar with other messaging services, but it is different in the sense that it allows users to communicate over SMS, which is a big advantage to those who do not always have  access to mobile internet or data.



In order to decide whether you should install the application or not, let me show you a couple of its benefits and features. As I mentioned above, you get to communicate with your friends and families in an unlimited and free manner. In the same time, you can communicate with other smartphones users who do not have Hike via SMS, which it is redirected to India for the moment. Moreover, you can send messages to any other phone using the SMS feature.

Alternatively, each Hike users gets 100 free Hike SMS every month to keep in touch with all those friends which are not on Hike. As you can see, the application more than rewarding, even if you do not have friends using it. In the case, a friend joins the app on your request via SMS; you will receive 10 extra free SMS.

Hike messenger also takes care of its users regarding the privacy aspect. It allows you to hide your profile information like chatting history, profile picture or other relevant personal details. You will also receive a large number of customization options to enjoy your communication with more than 11 different chat themes to choose from.




If you are interested how you can download Hike for PC, here is how you do it. First of all, like any other mobile app, it requires an Android emulator in order to run on a computer. Therefore, make sure you download an android emulator, for instant Bluestacks, which is completely free of charge and easy to install.

Once you have the emulator installed on your device, the hardest part of the job is done. Use Bluestacks in order to search for Hike, download Hike for PC it and install it on your computer.  For this, you have a search bar in the upper right corner. Here, you can type the name of the application you want to install, in this case, Hike. Once the software reveals the results, choose Hike Messenger and click on the installation button. This will install and download the software on your Windows or Mac computer.

As you can see, it is not difficult to install and download Hike for PC, as long as you follow the steps indicated above. After, you can enjoy chatting completely free with your friends using the same service. In the same time, by using Bluestacks, you get the possibility to search and download many other interesting Android apps and games right on your computer.

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What is Cydia Apps Store and Third-Party Apps

Along with the jailbreak possibility, Cydia appeared to be the first application that people need in order to install third-party apps on their devices for a complete customization and improvement. Actually, this amazing jailbreak store is the main reason most users choose to jailbreak their devices. Cydia can also be considered to be an App Store for jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

As you know, since the release of iOS 2, Apple enabled users the possibility to use the famous App Store, a place where developers were able to upload applications for every iOS user to download. However, as you know, apps in App Store might be a little bit too expensive, and they still do not offer unlimited freedom to deal without devices, in the way we want. For this, we have the jailbreak alternative.

cydia apps nastycute 2

In fact, Cydia is here to fill the gap of Apple’s App Store. This amazing jailbreak store comes with thousands of interesting free Cydia apps and tweaks, games and emulators, themes and ringtones. But, as I mentioned above, the only way in which you can have access over Cydia download store is to jailbreak your device as soon as possible. If, in the past, this process has been regarded as complicated and unsecure, find out that today, there are plenty of tools available which can help you perform a safe and simple jailbreak process.

When you launch the application for the first time, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. However, you have nothing to worry about since Cydia is actually very easy to use and manage. If you are familiar to the App Store, I am sure that you will not experience any difficulties with this alternative app platform.

The first time you launch Cydia, you will be asked to select the type of filter, and you have the following options: User (graphical only), Hacker (Command line) and Developer (No filter). For regular users, the first option is the best one. Once you do this, you will be within the program. It is worth mentioning the fact that the application requires some time in order to update its packages.

cydia apps nastycute 3

The application will next display five different sections, each one of them with its own options and purposes. Each one of them is important in order to use the application, but the Manage section gives you the possibility to add alternative sources, in order to have access to a greater variety of Cydia apps and tweaks.

Now, if you want to download and install and application in Cydia, here is what you need to do. First, launch Cydia and wait until you see the homepage. Here, go to Search, type down the name of the application and wait until you see the results. Choose the app you want to install and click on the Install button.

At this point, the application will be downloaded and installed. In the end, when the process is completed, you will be redirected to Cydia’s Homepage, and you can see the app icon on the homepage of your device. That is all. AS you can see, it is fairly easy to use this jailbreak store in order to download the best Cydia apps and tweaks.

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Apple iPhone 5 Issues

Some type of problem with the iphone-5 has triggered some customers’ slumber/aftermath buttons not to operate anymore. So Apple simply started a brand new software which will permit the “small percent” of those influenced by this problem to have their telephone numbers mended by Apple cost-free.

First, input your device’s s/n at an internet site that Apple has specifically set up for these coping with this problem. After that you can send your device in or go to some participating Apple Shop or participating retail merchant. It is going to be analyzed to confirm qualifications, and after that mended.

The caveat? This is not a walk-in, walk-out kind of an offer. As it is fixed by the Apple team upwards you Will be without your iphone-5 for everywhere from 4-6 days. You Will additionally desire to backup your information before commencing the fixing procedure, indicates Apple, and you will have to erase all settings and the information in your device. Moreover, do not anticipate that Apple swap it out for a brand new device and will simply take your broken mobile.


“Notice: If your iphone-5 has any harm like an insane display which impairs the replacing of the slumber/aftermath button, that problem should be solved before the slumber/aftermath button replacement. In some cases, there might be a price related to the mending,” reads Apple’s website.

Those that cannot tolerate to be without a smart phone for the brief timeframe can get a “loaner” I-phone from participating Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Companies. We urge that you just do not fall it.

But along with a base-line level of support, it enables for broadband suppliers to “come into individual discussions with content suppliers” on a case-by-case footing, provided those prices are “commercially sensible.” What represents a “commercially sensible” price, or a base-line level of support, nonetheless, has not yet been ironed out. And customer groups are naturally upwards in arms.

In other report, Apple offered 43.7 million I phones in the 1st quarter, marking a non-vacation and March quarter report. He additionally verified the Apple TV is not any longer a sideline, topping $1-billion last yr and having offered 20 million models.

Meanwhile, Google’s new Road Viewpoint time lapse characteristic reveals you how a spot has transformed over time. A worldwide rollout is anticipated over the forthcoming days.

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A Short Introduction to Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp has proved to be one of the fastest growing mobile messengers of all times. The platform is actually quite simple and easy. Basically, Whatsapp allows users to send and receive text messages, photos, vides, voice records and more. During the time, the service has changed a lot, and I am sure that we will plenty of other features and changes as time passes.

whatsapp downloadHowever, due to its effectiveness, users expressed their desired of seeing Whatsapp on PC. Since the developers did not release anything official in this respect, all we have to do is to take advantage of various third-party apps and services. For this, now, users have the possibility to install the well-known messaging service on any desktop computer. If you already used Whatsapp on a smartphone, I am sure that you would want to see Whatsapp on PC, as well.

If case you are interested in this approach, bellow, you will find various details regarding the process. Basically, the process lasts almost 15 minutes, and this covers the download time, the install time and the verification time. However, in order to get Whatsapp for PC, you need to install the Bluestacks emulator first. This emulator will help you transport the Android experience right on your desktop computer.

Once you have the emulator installed on your windows computer, you will be able to access, download, and install different mobiles apps, apps that were meant to work only on mobile operating systems. Only when you have Bluestacks installed you will be able to download Whatsapp for PC.

Once the installation of the emulator is completed, you can launch the software and search for the Whatsapp service. However, before this, you will be required to link your current Google Play account to the Bluestacks account. As expected, you will have to create a Bluestacks account. The Google Play link will grant you access to your list of installed apps and more.

Next, getting the Whatsapp for PC is actually quite simple. Just search for it in the Search bar, as you do when you search an app in the Play Store, click on it, and download it. Then, you have to install Whatsapp on Windows as you install any other application. Whatsapp requires a verification process where you will have to provide a valid phone number, your location, and country. The phone number must be valid in order to receive the verification code that Whatsapp will send you.

In fact, some users are actually called by Whatsapp, an automatic message, to offer the verification code. Type down the code Whatsapp tells you and this will grant you access to the phone number and the application. If the number and code are correct, you will be able to start your Whatsapp on PC experience.

However, keep in mind that Whatsapp was never designed to run on a PC, therefore; you might encounter problems if you run Whatsapp on two different devices at the same time. Moreover, you might not see the same features and options, and you have on a smartphone.

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IPhone versus Android The Real Showdown

20Let us begin measuring both cell platforms with alternatives which we value the most.

With regards to simplicity, most of the customers will concur that iPhone takes the cake.  Android telephones contain living displays and too several buttons too.

When it comes to visibility, Android iswould be the clear victor given that it may most probably supply, and many clients favor visibility once it involves what might be employed with the smart-phone. The telephone is made by the apps, shortly after all!

iPhone gets the best battery compared with the Android telephones. Most Android devices get several features and that’s undoubtedly why the battery life is a decrease in comparison with the iPhone. Android telephones change with regards to battery general efficiency but over-all they might become a level reduce compared to the iPhone here.

Both cell platforms are supporting of multitasking. Android and iPhones telephones each support multi-tasking to the now although iPhone has received in regards to battery life developments which may be important also some tradeoffs!

The iPhone ‘s software applications keyboard is appreciably much better compared to the Android ‘s default keyboard although if it involves a system wide search, each iPhone and Android may search away almost anything even though Android products cannot search emails.

iPhone’s telling center is generally somewhat awkward compared using the Android ‘s listing of notices. However as it pertains to words to text perform, the chances are marginally in favour to the iPhone contemplating the reality that with every one of the newest Siri, the function functions considerably superior than some of its own alternatives.

Android telephones possess a Yahoo syncing ability too much to ensure it continues to operate also if you correct or drop your old smart-phone.

Android isn’t too great in syncing with typical resources of info besides Yahoo Sync especially Outlook, Address Book together with such. Here iPhone is undoubtedly the obvious champion. The Android tethering situation is significantly higher off than that which the iPhone provides. Apple provides the iOS upgrades enhanced than that which Android does. The environment is fairly a whole lot easy to completely comprehend and just about the new update is received by every new telephone.  Android won’t possess manner to streamlines of heading concerning the upgrades.

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Top-10 Best IPhone 4 Applications Of 2010

The iPhone is now a rather well-known cellular phone that’s used throughout the globe. The simple interface, the appealing seems, the style and also the advantages and different instruments have created the iPhone quite well-liked. That is particularly true against the Apple iPhones that have leaded the sales charts throughout the planet within the year 2010. And also the primary cause behind the appeal of the telephones is useful, appealing and amusing Apple iPhone4 applications that have been supplied and are currently accessible. You may invest some quality time within the Apple app store attempting to determine what program to increase your own Iphone 4!

This can be a record of the top ten iPhone 4 Applications which are most widely used:

Upset Birds: The most used and also the most offered Apple iPhone4 app sport of the full year 2010, the Upset Birds is really amusing. The primary premise behind this sport is the fact that the pigs have determined to take parrots’ eggs that has angered the birds. Your aim within the game would be to ruin the pigs that exist in a safe environment. The primary attraction of the sport is the images which attracts both causal customers along with devoted iPhone gambling freaks.

Fruit Ninja:    This sport is most favored because it’s fairly easy to perform particularly while going extended distances.

Cut the string: Cut the string is just another well-known Iphone 4 app which has created the information within the year 2010. Voted among the iPhone 4 applications, this sport has offered up to one thousand copies in just a day. The aim of the game would be to reduce the string to feed the frog that’s easy and requires strategic thought at once. This is actually particularly when alone, and also you will spend hours only learning the first periods of the match the greatest activity.

Dragon Dictation: This is just yet another well-known Apple iPhone4 app that’s particularly helpful for those who find inputting utilizing their iPhone demanding. The chief characteristic of the program which helped make it towards the top-ten of the iPhone applications of 2010 is, it may transform any sound into written words. Consequently, this is actually the finest individual assistant for you and you would like to kind plus a whole write is supplied with no typos with this all you should do is order the information or the e-mail.

Kindle for iPhone is easily the most suitable Apple iPhone 4 app specifically for those who always love reading and installing e-books on the iPhone. If you happen to love studying and this program could be quite helpful for you, in case you’re unlucky enough to get from the city or going. Moving and reading are simple and quite suitable, and this could become a fantastic approach to pass-time particularly in a trip alone.

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The Guide Through Cydia

What is Cydia? This question is quite popular among new users and iPhone owners. Beside Cydia, we can also hear about jailbreaking and unlocking. Actually, jailbreaking and Cydia are pretty related in a way or another. The only way to get Cydia is if you jailbreak your device. After the first use, you will understand what Cydia is.

In a few words, I want to tell you that Cydia download is an independent third party Store that hosts impressive and amazing Cydia apps, tweaks or programs. Users are able to download useful apps free of charge or with a lower cost. I will also want to mention several things related to apps, tweaks, sources or repos. These things are connected also with Cydia. So, when you first launch Cydia, you cannot tell too much. You will see five tabs displayed in the home page and soon, Cydia will ask you to identify yourself as an administrator. After this, Cydia needs to initialize its packages. This will last only a couple of seconds. Then, Cydia is ready to be used. Therefore, Cydia apps and tweaks are useful apps that can be found, downloaded and installed from Cydia download. However, each one of these apps is hosted in various sources. These sources act as platform for all those great apps, tweaks and programs. You have some default sources at the beginning, but you can easily add new ones to use.

Cydia represents the only way through which users are able to customize and change appearance, themes and other important details regarding their devices. However, to make things clear, Cydia does not offer only free tweaks and apps; here, you can also find paid apps and packages. As a relief, their prices are not that high.

Source: http://www.clearcydia.com/

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Cydia tweaks working on iOS 5.1.1

Everybody hardly expected the release of a jailbreak tool that would allow users to jailbreak the iOS 5.1.1 version. Me for example I can’t wait to install the best Cydia themes for my iPhone, because I really like customizing any iDevice that I own. It did not take that long and developers gave us this opportunity. However, with the well-expected iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak, people encountered some problems concerning several Cydia apps and tweaks. After jailbreaking, users tried to restore several apps and they discovered that some of them do not work on iOS 5.1.1. I am sure that this issue will be solved and it is only a matter of time, but until then, I want to present you a list with several apps and tweaks that are working properly.

I think that we do not have anything to worry about because the most important apps are working, as they should. For example, the Activator app, color keyboard, App Locker, App List and Bite SMS are properly working without encountering any bug.

On the other hand, iFile app, which allows you to browse throughout your operating system, and the Infinitefolder app, which gives you the permission to create a high number of folders, is also working, as they should.

If you upgrade to iOS 5.1.1 and you perform jailbreak, you can still use My3G, IntelliScreenX, SBSettings, MobileTerminal, WInterboard, WiFiPasswords and Spingtomize. All those Cydia apps are useful and they work just fine. In the other part, some apps do not work at all while some of them are partially working.  For example, if you plan to use FireBreak, Handsfree control, SMS Flooder or Spire you will be disappointed when you see that these apps are not even opening. In the same time, when you want to download and install Belfry or Sidetomod you will see that these two apps are having some serious problems right from launching.

As I mentioned before, I am sure that this problem is only a matter of time before developers fix any bug. When you try to download a new app and you receive an error message, this does not mean precisely that the respective app is not compatible with your current firmware. Maybe the server is to overloaded or busy. Try again later.

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